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Available resources

  • Electric patient lift on wheels for use with a cradle and sling and/or Handi-Move frame;
  • Standard sling with integrated head support and upholstered leg rests S-M-L;
  • Sling with crescent-shaped head support and upholstered leg rests S-M-L;
  • Libelle toilet sling fitted with waist belt S-M-L;
  • Toilet/shower chair on wheels;
  • Self-propelled shower/toilet chair;
  • Toilet/shower chair;
  • Height-adjustable shower stool;
  • Handi-Move frame with accessories:
    • standard leg rests for adults and children;
    • standard anti-slip leg rests for adults and children;
    • preformed leg rests: short, normal and anti-slip;
    • muscular dystrophy leg rests with Velcro for adults and children;
    • muscular dystrophy anti-slip leg rests for adults and children;
    • cup pads;
    • covers for adult standard leg rests;
  • One pair of safety guards for the high/low beds;
  • A trapeze lift fitted with a triangle grip for the high/low beds;
  • Two incontinence duvets (on request);
  • Rollator;
  • One pair of crutches double adjustable with closed arm cuffs;
  • Trippel chair, can be electrically adjusted in height;

The house is completely step-free and all doors have a minimum width of 90 cm. The tiled floor is running throughout all rooms to the terrace, car park and around the house.

Canal du Midi


The "La Saignée" holiday home is located 10 kilometres north east of the city of Narbonne in the province Aude of the region Languedoc-Rousillon, with its capital Carcassonne, which has a beautifully restored fortification. This province derives its name from the river Aude. The region is fascinating and includes approximately 50 km of Mediterranean coastline, Cathar country and the foothills of the Pyrenees. Aude has a Mediterranean marine climate with 300 days of sunshine each year. Spring and autumn average day temperatures reach a minimum of 20°C. Summer temperatures fluctuate between 25°C and 30°C.

The holiday home is located approximately 3 kilometres from the charming village of Ouveillan on 3-hectares of private ground at a slight distance from our own house. You can stay here in totally peaceful rural surroundings while enjoying a magnificent panorama of vineyards, mountains, villages and the ruins of an old abbey. Fully renovated in 2002, the house has a traditional feel and is tastefully decorated (primarily with new furniture), to accommodate a maximum of 6 persons. The distance from Calais EuroTunnel is approximately 1070 kilometres.

Carcasonne"La Saignée" serves as the ideal base for visiting numerous places of interest, restaurants, and attractive and interesting towns and villages such as Carcassonne, Montpellier, Narbonne and Minerve. The Mediterranean Sea is located approximately twenty minutes away by car. 


In France the official language is French. In addition, various minorities have their own language such as Bretons, Basque, German (Alsace-Lotharingen), Dutch (French Flemish), Catalan (Roussillon), Italian (in Nice and surroundings) and Corsican.


To call England from France, first dial 00-44 before dialling the area code (omitting the zero) and the subscriber number. You can also make a reversed-charge call.


The monetary unit in France is the Euro (€).



1 January: New Year's Day 
1 May: May Day 
8 May: Liberation Day WWII 
14 July: Bastille Day 
15 August: Assumption Day 
1 November: All Saints' Day 
11 November: Armistice Day 



The mains voltage in France is 220 Volts.

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